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How to be safe and security conscious at work

We understand as a security officer there comes many different challenges. You’re in charge of securing and protecting the premises and safety and well-being of the community around you. With that there comes a risk of harm on a daily basis no matter how minimal. 

To ensure you are as safe and protected as you can be, we explore a few points which may help you while you are on duty:

  • Wear high visibility jackets and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)/clothing. Make sure you are visible and seen so you minimise chances of injuries. You also act as a deterrent for potential criminals.
  • Be in communication with the control room and your colleagues (if working in a group/team). Let them know your location and report to them if any unusual or suspicious activities occur.
  • Be alert and wary of your surroundings. This relates to the point above; you must stay alert and report any suspicious activities. Make sure you are ready and prepared before your duty starts.
  • Any security equipment needed should be fully charged such as Radio, Torches and any other communication devices. We will provide you with the equipment needed for your job, it’s your responsibility to check them and if you need it replaced, we are happy to help. The right equipment will make your job much easier and safer.

“Change your patrol routes and timings. Criminals may try and follow your route and use this information to time their criminal activities. Use random sequences for patrolling, it covers more ground and most importantly ensures your safety”

“Plan out your emergency procedure and routes. Get to know your premise, the building as well as the team around you. The more knowledge you have of your surroundings the better and quicker judgement call you can make in case of emergencies”

  • Make sure you have the contact details of “Point of Contact” (PoC) of the site you are working. In case of emergencies or Intruder and Fire Alarm during silent hours. 
  • Always carry out the dynamic risk assessment which means before, during and after any conflict situations and choose the best course of action.

  • As a lone working policy and duty of care, please ensure to give check calls as per the site assignment instructions/order. This is to ensure that you are safe and sound whilst on duty.
  • Finally, know your limit. Do not purposefully put yourself in harm’s way or in danger. If action is required, always check if it is safe to proceed.


Above all always remember your objectives: 

Protect Life, Protect Property, Prevent Crime & Prevent Loss

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