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Threat Level: Substantial 


Residential/Private Security

Gurkha Security Services has provided private individuals with residential security all over the UK. With offices in Folkestone, Farnborough and Birmingham, our reach is far and wide. 

Over the last few years, we have provided residential security guards for clients in London, Surrey, the Midlands, Kent, Wales, the Hampshire Area and more. Here are a few residential security assignments that we are currently engaged in. 

Case 1: Residential Security in London

  • Location: Sloane Square
  • Perceived Threat: Trespassing, Break-ins, Theft, Robbery
  • Services: Manned Guarding & CCTV Monitoring 
  • Type: Permanent (12 months+)
  • Shift: Night Security (silent hours) 
  • License: Door Supervisor License with First Aid. Fully vetted and employed by GSS.

We served as security support for the in-house security team. The clients already had CCTV installed as one of their security solutions which our security guards monitored and reported back on. 

As well as CCTV monitoring our guards were patrolling the premises at night, acting as a deterrent as well as protecting the property from threats and undesirables. With the control room operational 24/7, the guards were always in communication with the team at the head office. This ensures an extra layer of welfare protection for the property as well as our guards. Whether it’s assessing the risk factors, security needs or simply touching base, the operations team always have an open line of communication with our clients


Case 2: Private Estate Security in Hampshire

  • Location: Hook
  • Perceived Threat: Trespassing, Theft, Robbery
  • Services: Static Guarding, CCTV Monitoring and Strict Access Control
  • Type: Permanent (12 months+)
  • Shift: Day and Night Security 
  • License: Security Guarding License with First Aid. Fully vetted and employed by GSS.

Initially, we were brought in for visual deterrence and access control, our security team’s exceptional performance led our client to expand our services to round-the-clock security service. As the exclusive security provider, we are committed to a long-term project that will evolve from residential to construction security. Our strong relationship with the client and their teams, established through effective security measures and open communication, has been crucial in navigating the challenges of this large-scale project. 

It is crucial to listen to our client’s worries and work together to find solutions that will ease their minds and protect their assets.

Case 3: Residential and Construction Security in Surrey

  • Location: Godalming
  • Perceived Threat: Trespassing, Theft, Robbery
  • Services: Manned Guarding
  • Type: Permanent (12 months+)
  • Shift: Evenings (silent hours security) 
  • License: Door Supervisor License with First Aid. Fully vetted and employed by GSS.

This project is for a valued client who has entrusted us with residential security tasks in the past. They recently contacted us with worries about the safety of their construction site equipment. Our security team swiftly sprang into action, impressively completing the job within 24 hours. We secured the security coverage, including nights and weekends, to meet our client’s needs. Our team conducted a thorough risk assessment of the construction site, identifying potential vulnerabilities and implementing strategic security measures to mitigate any threats. 

We also provided regular updates to the client, ensuring transparency and clear communication throughout the project.