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How To Apply For A Security Licence

Great, so you have completed your course. Here is a step-by-step instruction that you should follow:

1. Wait for your SIA course results

You will have to wait for your results to come back, this normally takes 2 weeks however this may vary. All our courses are approved by Highfield and all our training providers are fully SIA-approved and compliant.

Highfield is one of the top awarding bodies for compliance in the UK including security. They will release the results to us and after that, we will be in touch with you.

If you are doing a 1 day First Aid course with us, you will receive your certificate on the same day.

2. Register for you SIA account

Sign up for an SIA account. You can create an SIA account after you have completed the course or wait until you have received your results.

You can do this by visiting their website here: https://services.sia.homeoffice.gov.uk/login/

Once we have received your results, you can log in to your account, your qualification will be automatically uploaded. It will look something like this:

3. Start your SIA application

If you have passed you will have the option to start your application online. Then you will receive an email from SIA with the next steps.

Most people pass the courses without any issues however, if you have not passed then you will be allowed to resit your exams, up to 3 times. There may be an admin booking fee if the exam is retaken 3rd time.

Interested in a career in security?

4. SIA license Email

In the email sent by SIA there will be clear instructions on what to do next.

The email will look something like this:

Important* You will have 3 months to physically apply for your SIA licence. If you do not make an application within the allocated time, the SIA will withdraw the application.

Not all post offices will have the Sia application facility so make sure you check your nearest post office that can apply for an SIA licence by visiting: https://www.postoffice.co.uk/branch-finder

What you will need:

  1. Your application number
  2. £190 to pay for the application, cash or credit
  3. An original Identification (Passport)
  4. 2 proofs of addresses
  5. Have your photo taken

The post office will make an application on your behalf, instantaneously.

5. SIA license in the post

Keep an eye out on your inbox as the SIA will send you a licence-granted email. Then you will receive your eagerly awaited physical SIA licence in the post. You are now licensed and can work lawfully as a front-line operative in the sector specified!


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