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History of GSS

GSS is founded
Gurkha bishnu tamang and dilkumar rai gss gurkha security services london security provider

Straight after retirement from the British Army, Bishnu Tamang, Hari Kumar Shrestha & Nabin Siwa established Gurkha Security Services. Their aim is to become the number 1 Gurkhas security provider in the UK.  

Security Service Providers
GSS provides security to Progressive Governance Summit
progressive governance

Gordon Brown hosted world leaders and international policymakers, government advisers and experts to debate on "an inclusive globalisation: promoting prosperity for all" at the Progressive governance summit. GSS provided the security service in Watford where the summit was held. 

Security Services Providers
GSS wins Lidl contract
London security guarding company

GSS lands a contract in 2009 with over 50 sites in Lidl all over the UK. This huge learning curve allowed the company to grow, learn, and expand with experience. GSS still holds a great relationship with Lidl and to this day, they provide them with (corporate) security services.

GSS opens a branch in Folkestone
Folkestone security guarding

GSS opens up a second branch to meet the demands in the south. The branch started off as facilities service providers for security as well as cleaning service. You can see in the image the offerings GSS had in 2010. 

GSS opens a branch is Birmingham
Security guarding agency birmingham

GSS opens up a branch in Birmingham as they open up their offerings to midlands, north, and beyond. 

Security Service Providers
GSS provides security for The London Olympics
Olympic 2012 security guarding

The biggest sports event in the world was hosted in London for the year 2012. The event was attended by thousands from all around the world. It was an exciting project for GSS to be a part of as they were providing 50 guards per day for 3 weeks! The team was in charge of guarding the area to secure and protect the premises as well as the people within it. 

New Head Office
GSS moves to 16 Fernhill Road
Farnborough security guarding london

GSS moves to its head office in Fernhill Road in Farnborough. The office runs security courses and is the hub for the daily operations of the company. 

GSS experts in Manned Guarding Services
gurkha security services top security officers and guarding

GSS slims down its offerings to manned guarding services. They go back to their roots and focus solely on physical guarding. If you are looking for a reliable and professional security team, request a quote today. They have their operations team working round the clock to ensure the best service for you and your homes and businesses. 

World Pandemic
GSS fights through COVID-19
Security guards with face masks covid 19

The world is hit by a huge catastrophic virus called Corona Virus. The impact of the virus is felt worldwide, it's a challenging and uncharted world but GSS pushes through the difficulties. The team works hard and diligently to keep their team on the ground safe and to protect their customers/ their premises without compromising the quality of their service.

2023 & Beyond
World Pandemic
GSS looks forward to the future
Security guard talking into radio

Having been in the security industry for nearly 18 years, GSS looks forward to working alongside new talent that will bring in innovative ways of working and new methods of training and technologies that will make their team on the ground even more agile and set the standard in the industry. 

These have been just a few highlights drawn out of a hat. Over the years, just like any other company GSS has faced challenges, but also overcame them, and fortunately has been consistently growing each year through teamwork and dedication. If you need a reliable security provider look no further than Gurkha Security Services.

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