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GSS Sponsors Sandhurst Knicks for Nepal Basketball UK 2023 season

To the Top. Together!

Gurkha Security Services is proud to be the official sponsor for The Sandhurst Knicks!

Founded in June 2012 in Sandhurst, a town in the southeastern county of Berkshire, England, Sandhurst Knicks have been going strong for the past ten years and have become a well-known team within the Nepalese sports community. The team consists of players aged 17 to 34, including individuals who work as pharmacists, marketers, salespeople, aircraft engineers, military personnel, and students. 

The team’s roster also comprises players currently competing in divisions 2 and 3 of the English National Basketball League and players in the English Basketball youth system. Notably, the team is also a melting pot of different castes, reflecting the team’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

  • December to Remember Tournament 2019 Winners
  • Hearts Nepalese Society 3v3 2020 Winners
    December to Remember Tournament 2021 Finalists
  • Basingstoke Cup 2022 Finalists
  • Bournemouth Festival 2022 Winners
  • Nepal Basketball UK League 2022 Finalists
  • Buzzerbeat 3v3 2023 Winners
  • Nepal Basketball UK Under-23 Tournament Winners

Season Schedule

The Nepal Basketball UK 2023 season will take place for 14 weeks in different venues across Kent, Surrey, and London. Below are the dates scheduled for the season, subject to change:

Social media platforms  (FB, Instagram, Tiktok):

@sandhurstknicks                     @nb_uk

Good Luck Team!

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