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Threat Level: Substantial 

GSS Advice: Crime prevention

The MET police have reported Business burglary as being much higher than Residential burglary in their recent London Business Crime Dashboard. Westminster had the highest crime rate with 5479 notable offences, followed by Camden with 1416 notable offences and Newham with 1097.  You can see the full stats and data here.

Unsurprisingly, theft and handling were recorded as the most crime committed amounting up to 617 offences. With crime on the rise how can you protect yourself, your community, and your businesses?

1. Be alert and present

This maybe an obvious one but we all have tendencies to forget or minimise the risk of a criminal altercation because we simply do not think about it and/or we are too busy in our daily lives. However, try to make a habit of being observant of your surroundings whether its at work or your neighbourhood. If you see any suspicious activities or anti-social behaviour, simply report it to 101 which is a non-emergency service. You can also raise an issue with your local council if there is a potential security risk in your community.

2. Improve surveillance

Improve surveillance around your homes and businesses. This minimises the chances of outside harm by deterring criminals with a security presence. This could be achieved through installing CCTV, posting signage, alarm systems and manned guarding. All of these security measures are viable however, if you need an immediate action taken then having a physical security officer who is on guard on a daily basis is the best option for your security needs. A security officer can handle a situation in a quick and professional manner as they are trained and experienced in the field. If you require a security professional or a team of professionals, request a quote today.

3. Join a neighbourhood watch

This is a community-initiated programme which is supported by the police. This programme allows the residents (members) to raise awareness to any suspicious behaviour they have witnessed in the area. This informs everyone involved to be more aware of what is happening in the community and take measures to prevent criminal activities.

4. Repair any damages

Damaged property can make it easily accessible for criminals to break in. This can be things such as faulty access control systems, weak and damaged windows, defective gates and even graffiti on the side of a building. It attracts opportunists which puts your safety at risk. So, ensure you are repairing your homes and buildings on a regular basis.

5. Do not display your valuables

This could be something as simple as keeping your stock hidden, making sure the cash register isn’t accessible, keeping your keys in a secure place etc. Carrying out a risk assessment on a regular basis will bring attention to all the security weaknesses that may be present. Prevention is always better than the cure. Here at GSS we ensure we carry out our risk assessment to our highest standard for residential and business security. If you are interested in working with us please get in touch today by clicking here.  

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