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CCTV Monitoring

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Close circuit television monitoring keeps a video log of your business’s daily activities. Our security officer has a way to record and monitor activities as they happen. This gives them eyes on areas they are not able to cover by patrolling alone. CCTV camera also acts as a deterrent to possible criminal activities with 24/7 coverage. Multiple CCTV in a large site will require multiple officers to monitor and patrol the area. The combination of technology and a highly trained on-site security officer will provide full protection for your organisation and private individuals.

Importance of CCTV operative/security on your premises: 

Surveillance and Monitoring: Security personnel can actively monitor surveillance cameras, access points, and other security systems. This proactive monitoring helps identify suspicious activities or potential threats before they escalate.

Threat Detection: Security personnel are trained to identify suspicious behavior, unusual activities, and potential security risks. Their vigilance helps detect threats that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Conflict Resolution: Trained security personnel possess skills to de-escalate conflicts and defuse potentially volatile situations. This ability to resolve conflicts peacefully can prevent incidents from escalating into violence.

Crime Prevention: Through their presence, vigilance, and rapid response capabilities, physical security personnel contribute to reducing crime rates and minimizing losses due to theft, vandalism, or other criminal activities.

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