Threat Level: Substantial 

Woking & Sam Beare

Woking & Sam Beare Hospice and Wellbeing Care (WSBH) is a patient-led charity that delivers palliative and end of life care to people who have advanced life-limiting illnesses living in North west Surrey.

In 2022, we had the pleasure of collaborating with WSBH after they reached out to us. Our team conducted multiple site visits and engaged in thoughtful discussions with the client to ensure we fully understood their needs and desires. Together, we strategised and identified the most suitable course of action to meet and exceed their expectations.

Although the client has had previous experience with Gurkhas, this is their first time collaborating with Gurkha Security Services (GSS). Currently, the we only covers night shifts, but we aspire to expand it to a full 168-hour coverage. Presently, we provide security services ensuring consistency throughout the site, particularly during out-of-hours front reception. The officers assigned to this site must possess excellent communication skills and the appropriate expertise. Additionally, they are responsible for access control, patrolling, and facility checks. The client has been accommodating, offering on-site training opportunities for our officers. We pride ourselves on maintaining site consistency and promptly addressing any arising issues. The client holds a positive view of GSS and the dedicated team assembled by our Operations department. 

walkie talkie

Gurkha Security Services have surpassed our expectations. They provide exceptional customer service and have become an instrumental part of our operational team. The communication with the internal team is fantastic and the guards are always smart and professional. The service delivery and effectiveness was clearly evident from my research. The team have been part of in-house training for fire safety management. They have also undertaken training for rectification and reporting of minor facilities elements. This has greatly assisted the facilities team.

Overall GSS provides an efficient, professional and friendly service that delivers on all elements. There is a very strong customer and service delivery ethos in all staff. It is a pleasure to work with GSS and I thoroughly recommend them to other organisation’s looking for such service provision.


Mr Michael Ballard – Facility Project Consultant at Woking & Sam Beare Hospice