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Stop 24 

Stop 24 Folkestone Services, located at Junction 11 of the M20, is the closest motorway services to the Channel Tunnel and Port of Dover. Whether en-route to holiday or travelling for business, on a coach trip or an HGV, Stop24 is a place to refuel and relax, to and from the Continent.

Gurkha Security Services (GSS) has been delivering comprehensive security services to Stop 24 since January 2021. Although our association has been established for several years, primarily focused on providing Christmas services, we have recently transitioned to a full-time partnership.

Following BREXIT, they initiated customs checks for lorries with the support of government funding. This expansion necessitated an increased requirement for security personnel to oversee the management of the lorry park, control entrance barriers, and ensure the security of the lorries. 

Khemraj Limbu
Sajib Tamang Channel Port

GSS efficiently supplied the necessary security personnel as per the client’s specific needs. The client took the proactive step of providing training to our Security Officers (SOs) in essential skills such as Banksman, Manual Handling, and Forklift Operation.

As a result of this comprehensive training, our SOs have seamlessly transitioned into versatile roles within the organization. They now perform a multitude of tasks, including but not limited to site security, controlling entrance barriers, managing the lorry park, and efficiently operating forklifts for the loading and unloading of goods during the customs checks process. This collaborative effort ensures the smooth and secure operation of the customs checks and logistics processes at the site.

We have had an amazing relationship with GSS and their team have been a great asset to us. Nabin and his team provide us with brilliant service, any issues has been dealt with swiftly and the communication has been fantastic. Thank you!

Chris Childs – Operations Manager