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Threat Level: Substantial 

Norton Rose Fulbright

Norton Rose Fulbright (NRF) is a global law firm that provides a wide range of legal services to businesses and organizations around the world. The firm is known for its expertise in areas such as corporate law, finance, litigation, intellectual property, energy, and infrastructure, among others.

In the year 2021, Gurkha Security Services joined forces with their organization to offer extra security personnel. As time went on, the initial contract hours has doubled as the partnership has grown stronger. Their organization already had an in-house security team in place, and with the support of GSS, their security infrastructure became even more robust. As a result, this collaboration has evolved into a highly prosperous and mutually advantageous relationship.

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The GSS Team has played a crucial role in minimizing the occurrence of “dropped” shifts and effectively ensuring that all areas are adequately staffed according to site needs, by allocating more resources. Their primary responsibility lies in managing access control at the main entrance and rear of the building, an important and prestigious task in this prominent City location. Our success largely stems from the team’s commitment and reliability in attending their shifts. However, we must strive to improve our communication with the client, as this is an area where we can enhance our performance.

I decided to engage Gurkha Security Services (GSS) primarily because of their well-established reputation and extensive experience in the security sector. My experience with GSS Security Officers has been truly commendable.

In one noteworthy instance, the GSS team showcased their exceptional commitment to service excellence. During a recent survey conducted by a mystery shopper, it was evident that their officers consistently exhibited politeness and wore welcoming smiles. This positive feedback speaks volumes about the level of professionalism and courtesy they bring to their roles.

I cannot stress enough how GSS has proven to be a superb security company. Their officers are not only honest, reliable, and incredibly smart but they also consistently demonstrate a willingness to go the extra mile. It’s this exceptional dedication to providing top-notch security services that sets GSS apart and makes them a trustworthy choice for anyone seeking security solutions. I wholeheartedly recommend Gurkha Security Services for their unwavering commitment to excellence and their exceptional team of security professionals.

Mr Andy Hill – Security Team Leader at Norton Rose Fulbright