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A day in the life of an operations manager at Gurkha Security Services – the country’s leading Gurkhas security provider

Here at Gurkha Security Services (GSS), we are celebrating our 18th Birthday this month. As a security provider and training company, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the people in our company. One of the most critical parts of the company is our diligent operations team which oversees coordination, resource management, and effective response amongst countless other tasks. 

Today, we will dive into a day in the life of one of our Operations team: Jagat Thapa, a man with 19 years of exemplary service in the Armed Forces and 11 years of experience as a private security consultant. He’s a problem-solving guru with immense knowledge in man management and a keen eye for detail.

Join us for an immersive journey through a day in the life of an operations manager at a leading physical security company, as we uncover the challenges, decisions, and actions that shape their dynamic role.

Morning Deliberations (8:00 AM - 10:00 AM):

The break of dawn marks the beginning of the day’s strategic endeavors. For Jagat, mornings commence with the meticulous review of the security report with the night operations manager. This helps to outline the day’s objectives, maps potential security threats, and allocates resources effectively.

Once the plan is firmly in mind, Jagat convenes the security team for the morning briefing. These sessions are the heartbeat of collaboration, where updates on ongoing security incidents are discussed, response protocols are fine-tuned, and communication lines are reinforced. It is in these moments that Jagat’s leadership shines, setting the tone for a day of unity and vigilance.

Amidst these deliberations, client communication is paramount. Jagat scans emails and messages, promptly addressing client concerns. This open channel of dialogue keeps clients informed and reassured, fostering the trust that is the bedrock of the security industry.

Mid-Morning Vigilance (10:00 AM - 12:00 PM):

As the clock inches towards mid-morning, Jagat embarks on an on-site visit – a critical facet of his role. These visits transcend routine inspections; they are windows into the security ecosystem that GSS has carefully crafted for its clients. Jagat walks through client locations, assessing security measures, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and offering recommendations for enhancements.

Back at the headquarters, Jagat dives into the analytical realm. Surveillance data streams in, alongside incident reports that recount events of the previous day. With a keen eye, Jagat sifts through the information, seeking patterns, discerning trends, and unearthing insights. This data-driven approach empowers him to refine security strategies, adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of threats. 

Interlude of Rejuvenation (12:00 PM - 1:00 PM):

A brief interlude for rejuvenation. Jagat seizes this time to recharge – a stroll, a meal, or a moment of connection with colleagues. This window is also dedicated to staying connected with the security realm at large. Webinars, networking sessions, or perusing industry publications keep Jagat attuned to the pulse of security advancements. However, in security, you need to be ready to respond to emergencies, so lunch is not always at the same time!

Afternoon Endeavors (1:00 PM - 4:00 PM):

The afternoon is a crescendo of activity. It is a phase where the responsibilities of an operations manager radiate in their entirety. Resource management takes centre stage for the team. However, for Jagat, client meetings punctuate the afternoon – a blend of professionalism and partnership. Jagat engages with potential clients, delving into their security needs, and presenting tailored solutions. These interactions are more than transactions; they are the building blocks of trust. Jagat’s ability to convey expertise and empathy lays the foundation for secure relationships.

Yet, an operations manager’s role is not confined to the ordinary. Emergency response planning demands meticulous attention. Jagat revisits emergency protocols, ensuring that every contingency is accounted for. Collaborating with the security team, he crafts a tapestry of preparedness, each thread contributing to a seamless response in the face of adversity.

Twilight Reflections (4:00 PM - 6:00 PM) :

As the sun begins its descent, the tempo of the day shifts. Jagat gathers the security team for a debriefing session. This is the arena for shared insights, collective feedback, and the cultivation of a culture of continuous improvement. Incidents are documented, updates are disseminated, and the seeds for tomorrow’s strategies are sown.

Twilight Reflections (4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Continued): ​

Strategic planning for the upcoming day unfurls in the later hours. Jagat surveys the next day’s schedule, identifies priorities, and sets objectives. The proactive stance is paramount – anticipating challenges, harnessing opportunities, and laying the groundwork for another day of unwavering security.

Unseen Dedication and Unwavering Vigilance

The life of an operations manager at a physical security company is a symphony of commitment and vigilance. From strategic planning and site visits to client interactions and emergency response, their responsibilities are a dynamic weave that safeguards the assets and well-being of clients. Each day is an affirmation of the unseen dedication that propels the wheels of security forward, ensuring that the shield remains impervious, and the watchful eye never falters.

If you’re in need of a dependable and skilled security team led by operations managers like Jagat Thapa, get in touch today. 


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