Earthquake Relief, Rehabilitation & Reconstruction – Gorkha Nepal

Devastating earthquake of 7.8 in richer scale that struck the GORKHA district with its epicentre at Mandre, Barpak VDC, nearby VDC, Sourpani, Taku to the east, Simjung, Hanspur, Kharibote to the west and laprak to the north Gorkha at 11:56 am on 25 April 2015.
Thousands of people have been killed, thousands injured and hundreds of thousands of houses completely destroyed and many people rendered homeless. Physical infrastructures including school buildings, water pipes, Micro hydro power plants and electric cables, roads etc have also been destroyed.

GORKHA district earthquake appeal

My wife and I were born and schooled in the Himalayan region of Gorkha and we could not remain silence at this most difficult time that our villagers were facing.

We request to make a generous donation with friends; families to enable us to provide relief work in these regions. The help and support from them was overwhelming, we managed to raise £30,000 (thirty thousand pound).

Our management team

Ex-Gurkha Bishnu Tamang, Hari Shrestha, Nabin Siwa – Executive committee Nepal and UK
Ex-Gurkha Captain: Padam Bahadur Waiba, Dhan Tamang, Om Prakash Tmang – project & Fund controller – Nepal
Area co-ordinator: one active member in each village.

What and how did we support the villagers!

27 April 2015: Immediate Relief Support delivered by Bishnu & Shanta Tamang:

1,250 KG Rice
100 kg cooking salt
100 litter cooking oil

27 April -15 June 2015: Relief Aid delivered to the following villages:

Namki = 58 houses, Lukuna =17 houses, Naya Gaun = 26 houses, Bhandare = 8 houses, Jhakre = 9 houses, Khapte = 24 houses, Kolkate = 28 houses, Khimpu = 80 houses, (Sirandanda = Due to shortage of budget community hall foundation only)

We delivered the materials and Aid as follows:

5,000 (Sheets of Corrugated Galvanised Iron for 250 houses (20 sheets each houses)
200,000 Rupees for one school (furniture) in Khinpu Village.
800,000 Rupees community hall foundation fund for Sirandanda, Namki, Khinpu and Khapte
127 Highbred Goats to Namki, Lukuna, khapte and Kolkate
100,000 Rupees (5 village’s mother support group)

24th June – 9th July 2015: My visit to those villages:

During my visit to the affected villages, I felt that they were a bit relieved and feeling more like home with our help and support. We delivered the 100% fund collected to the villagers without any administrative cost deducted from the fund. I feel so proud and happy with the outcome.

The villagers wish lists and propriety of my projects

Build a community hall in each villages

Community Hall to provide shelter in any natural disasters and can also be used as community functions such as weddings, funerals etc. These premises will also be useful for educational and training facilities as well as the use of health and care facilities.

We will ensure that the building structures are earthquake-resistant using materials from local resources where possible with adequate facilities, re-connect water supply, electricity and construct water sanitation system.

To build a community hall it will cost about 10 -15 lakh rupees (£6,250 to £9,375).

On completion of the projected buildings, our management team will hand over the building to the villagers. We will also set up a small management team in each village to continue maintaining the buildings.

Creating Local Employments

If they have jobs in the villages they do not have to go abroad for work as a low paid unskilled worker. They will have plenty of work opportunities in the villages by providing them with farming skills, i.e. how to run chicken farms, goat farms, buffalo farms, processing milk and butter, train on agricultural nutrients for farmers etc.

Vocational Educations

Bringing back Prod Sikchha (Vocational Educations),
Educate villagers to stay healthy, food hygiene, additional aid relief to those left disabled from the devastation, affected senior citizens, single women, diseased, pregnant women and new mothers etc.

Micro Hydro Power Plans

Micro hydro power or solar power to each village.

Rebuilding the Community

Rebuild/support school to in these areas

Please click on the video links below for your peace of mind and see how the money is being delivered to the villages. or go to YouTube and search for (our journey to Earthquake Epicentre Gorkha 2015) or go to YouTube and search for (
A Journey to EarthQuake Epicentre Gorkha)

Please contact me for news updates and to raise much needed fund for the villagers living in these provinces.  Thinking about those affected by the disaster thousands of miles away is so difficult; we can release our stressful feeling of them by making kind contributions from deep down heart.

Your kindness and humanitarian support will be remembered by each and every one of us in our whole lives and the next generation.

Yours Faithfully’
Bishnu Tamang
Gorkha District Himalaya Regions
Currently residing in United Kingdom