Management Team



BBT  has spent over 20 years working in the British Army, Royal Gurkha Rifles and Parachute Regiment. Whilst active in military operations and peace support operations BBT accumulated vast amount of experience and know-how in organising military activities.

Since founding the Gurkha Security Services Ltd in 2005, BBT has managed countless projects for his clients such as, market research, tendering, procurement, operations, risk analysis, implementations.

BBT is highly experience operations director who has proven ability to produce excellent results no matter the circumstance. Expert in re-sourcing and executing all aspect of physical security for different range of clients. Bishnu’s unyielding work ethic ensures an excellent service where each individual client is prioritised.

Being a military man, BBT has a passion for quality and distinction in everything he takes on, his positive attitude and enthusiasm has been inbuilt into the working culture of his staff in Gurkha Security Services, securing a great service time and time again.


With over 23 years of service in the British Army – The Brigade of Gurkhas, Hari demonstrates excellent skills in management, client relations, versatility and enthusiasm. Hari brought with him wealth of experience of management and administration; his ability to manage and control situations under pressure is exceptional.

As a managing Director he ensures the overall control of management and finance of the company.

Since inception, he has been an instrumental in developing management and financial systems of the company in order to maintain stability and enhance performance of the company by ensuring that the company is compliant with all regulations and legislations as required by SIA and other relevant government agencies.

He coordinates with all directors and management team in the company operations and provides support as required. He also assists in the delivery of the in house training of officers and potential officers. He ascertains that the running of all training is compliant in accordance with the Awarding Bodies’ requirements.


Nabin is a highly skilled person with integrity who had a reputable 24 years of service in the Royal Gurkha Rifles gaining immense military experience including security of personnel and properties.

NKS manages Folkestone branch operations, coordinates and supports fellow directors in the company operations and training of officers. He manages clients’ assignments smoothly and successfully ensuring that all staff are trained properly for their job roles meeting clients’ expectations.

NKS has gained and developed skills over the years of experience in resourcing and managing security services for clients with varied needs. NKS has wealth of experience in delivering tutoring service entailed back from the army.

He runs in-house company security training for the officers and potential officers.

Senior Operations Manager


Senior Operations Manager DKR is an ex Gurkhas (Major retired) who served in the British army, the Brigade of Gurkhas. He is an experienced, passionate, adaptable and highly motivated individual with 32 years of exemplary service in the Armed Forces.

He possesses well developed managerial and leadership skills from his time spent in the Gurkhas. Furthermore, he also possesses the ability to adapt and resolve matters with a clear head during crisis moments.

As a Senior Operations Manager he is responsible for running day to day operations which involve populating assignment orders, co-ordinating the manpower, welfare, conducting training, site visits, quality control and most importantly client relationship management.
He plays a vital part in how Gurkha Security Services Ltd operates and enjoys the challenges his job presents every day.

Business Development Manager


With over 23 years’ experience in the UK Manned Guarding Industry our Business Development Manager has developed a high standard of skill sets that make him the person to offer you a solution to any Security Concern you or your team may have.

With an Operational view on things he is consulting with you rather than selling you a generic service.

He will build a bespoke solution for you the client, while at the same time ensuring that whatever solution is put in place it will be cost effective, efficient and fit for purpose.

Operations Managers


UBT an Ex Gurkha with over 22 years of commendable service in the British Army, currently holds the post of Operations Manager for the Midlands region of Gurkha Security Services and has done since 2012.

With a strong sense of commitment, loyalty and professionalism gained from his time served in the British Army, Un has built a very comprehensive set of skills that he uses in his day to day role as the Operations Manager.

UBT has very good communication skills, problem solving abilities and organisational qualities; he has become a very accomplished manager and is respected by all those under his guidance. A physically fit, who sets high standards not only for himself but also for those around him.

He is very security conscious and has good knowledge of all security matters, a team player who works well under pressure and can be relied upon to get any task done well.

UBT brings positive attitude to everything that he undertakes and does so with confidence and determination.


JBT joined the Gurkha Security Services (GSS) in May 2015 as one of the Operations Managers at the GSS head office in Farnborough. He is directly responsible to the Operations Director and the Senior Operations Manager of the company for running of the day to day operation.

JBT is a knowledgeable, logical and experienced individual who served 19 years of exemplary service in the Armed Forces and joined a high profile private security industry in 2004 and served 11 illustrative years as a private security consultant.

JBT has been in the security industry for many years and has immense knowledge in man management and problem-solving in variety of security environment.

He is a focused, determined and committed individual who fulfil every tasks efficiently.


DKG is a versatile, young, vibrant and proactive with good knowledge in security sector.Despite being young, he is recognisd as a good leader by his management as he possesses much influential personal traits that reflect in the group performance and activities.

As an operations manager, having good interpersonal skills, he has shown an excellent leadership. In addition having an Army background he inherits the leadership characteristics, man management and understanding problems of others.

DKG has been undertaking his duties and responsibilities with dignity and integrity.

DKG has also shown his multi skills in different projects set onto him.


KPG served over 12 years in the British Army, after retiring from the Army, worked as a bodyguard for China’s 3rd richest person from 1995 to 2006 in Hong Kong. Through these experiences, he has gained excellent ability to handle emergencies, make high-quality decisions and working under pressure.

In 2007, KPG began his new life in the UK and with over 11 years of bodyguard experiences, he joined Gurkha Security Services as an Operations Manager, where he initially started managing 15 security officers and over the years as the company developed, he now manages over 300+ security officers. His role consists of providing well trained security officers to various GSS sites creating and maintaining weekly rota for over 100 sites.

He has an exceptional memory and organisational skills in regards to allocating security officers to their specific sites, given the numbers of security officers and sites; he is always able to handle any unforeseeable last minutes situations; keeping an excellent relationship with all the security officers and GSS staff.


NS has been working as operations manager in Folkestone Branch for a number of years with good organisational skills and abilities.

NS has true dedication to her work, strong sense of responsibilities and always seeks to attain good results.

She reacts swiftly to resolve any observations made by clients in the company’s service provisions with a resounding success by meeting clients’ expectations.

NS provides good customers and employees’ care through her polite but firm approach and always makes sure that they feel valued. Her unwavering dedication to providing clients with first class service certainly wins their hearts and mind.

HR and Finance Management


KT started in the company in 2010 as a screening and vetting officer. Since completing her Payroll Administration course she has been the company’s payroll manager as well as the finance assistance working closely with the finance director.

She is also the courses manager for GSS and has been liaising with the awarding body and students in the provision of help and support if and when needed.

She is a very motivated person with the capability to fit into any role and she has been carrying it out in outstanding manner. On top of being professional, her friendly and helpful nature ensures a great working environment and contributes to being a vital part of the GSS team.


GR has been a business support administrator since May 2012. She processes the screening and vetting of all GSS employees in accordance with British Standard (BS 7858:2012). She regularly updates all essential details of the employees.

GR successfully completed payroll administrator training and practices the payroll processing alongside the payroll manager.

GR is a reliable, hardworking, resourceful person capable of prioritising things according to the Company’s mission statement. Possesses a positive attitude, commitment and determination with proven ability to produce excellent results under both time and resource pressures.